About Annabelle's Gourmet Dog Treats

Established in 2013, Annabelle's Gourmet Dog Treats provides dog owners with high-end treats for their dog that are healthy and delicious. We believe that every dog deserves to eat the best treats regardless of their situation, which is why we sell our dog biscuits at such an affordable price.

Kimberleigh Harden-Simmons

The Mission of Annabelle's Gourmet Dog Treats

Annabelle's Gourmet Dog Treats is not just about dog treats. It is about providing the best for our best friends.In May 2013 we took a chance and started this business out of our own kitchen. Working days and baking nights, we began living out our dream. We worked to create healthy, nutritious dog treats containing all natural, human-grade ingredients that are not only delicious, but also fun and beautiful to look at, just like our dogs.

All of our ingredients are listed and are registered with the FDA to create trust and transparency. The greater purpose of Annabelle's Gourmet Dog Treats is to cultivate a brand that provides exceptional treats for dogs.

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